Playground Surfaces

Types Of Playground Surfaces

If you plan to build a playground in your school or community, the chances are you may have spent a lot of time determining the appropriate playground equipment for the project. Although choosing the right equipment is important, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of choosing the right playground surfaces for the project. In fact, you should choose the right playground surfaces to guarantee the safety and security of the patrons who use the playground. With many options to consider, how will you pick the right surface for your playground? Here are important factors to consider when choosing the best playground surface for your playground project.

There are three factors that decide the severity of an injury caused due to a playground accident. This was revealed in a study conducted on the subject matter. One factor is the speed at which the child falls. The next is the distance, and the final factor is the type of playground surface onto which the kid falls. You can see how important the surfacing is when constructing a playground in your community. The right surfacing material can help mitigate the risk of injuries sustained by the child in a playground accident. That is why you need to select the best playground surfacing material for your playground.

More than 75% of all playground injuries have occurred when kids fell on poorly maintained surfacing on the playground. Since most playground surfacing companies don’t publish results of safety and field tests conducted by them, you need to be extra cautious when choosing the right company for the project. The company should have published the results of the field tests conducted on their playground resurfacing materials. If not, you shouldn’t work with such a company. There are many types of surfaces for your playground. The right surface can depend on many factors. Make sure you let the experts of the surfacing company determine the best material for your playground since they have the necessary expertise on the subject matter.

There are two major types of playground surfacing materials – such as unitary surfaces and loose fill surfaces. Unitary surfaces include poured in place surfacing & rubber tile surfacing. On the other hand, loose fill surfacing materials include rubber mulch and engineered wood. The type of equipment you have, the purpose of the playground, and your budget also play an important part when choosing the right type of surfacing material.

You should work with the right surfacing company in the United Kingdom at all times. Make sure the company has extensive experience and employ highly professional technicians in the industry. The right company should adhere to all the safety standards in the UK when laying the playground surfacing material. Check for customer reviews and testimonials before you decide to work with the particular playground surfacing company in the UK. These are important things to consider when selecting the best playground surfacing company in the UK. The above article provides information on the different types of playground surfacing materials.