create your own book

How can you Create Your Own Book?

Writing a book has become easy because you can easily research on the topic you are interested in online and be able to get accurate content to use in your book. There are many tips you can use to write a book quickly, to help you increase your expert status in your niche. In the past, you had to spend a lot of time researching across libraries, and sometimes failing to get what you are looking for. This made it hard to write a book within a short period of time. People have different approaches when it comes to writing, find one that works for you and you will have an easier time. Below are some tips that will help.

Before you can even consider writing a book, you should ensure you have your head straight. You need to build up believe in yourself that you are able to write and become an expert in that field. Practice identifying negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. If you start to doubt yourself, reaffirm that you are an expert and know more about the topic than an average person.

You should never use the excuse of not having time because you do. Here is an outline you can follow to create your own book.

Pre-writing : This is where you come up with an outline of the ideas and stories you are interested in sharing. Set some time each day and you could have an entire rough draft of the outline within a week. Create a mind map and see what can be added. Make chapters and subchapters to make it easier to create content. You will be surprised at the little time you need to come up with a rough draft. You can take a look at other books on the topic and see what they cover. If you don’t want to go to the library, you can look up the table of contents of the books on Amazon.

Drafting: During this stage, avoid revising or editing and focus on getting everything written down. This process is not about spelling, formatting, grammar, or writing properly. You should not have a hard time because you have a lot to talk about. Tell yourself that you can do the editing later and now is all about getting content on paper” even if you think it is terrible.

Revision: You will be going back to your work and editing it. If there are parts that need to be moved or reorganize your thoughts, this is where to do it. Repeat another round of revision to enhance and polish your work. You need to spend a little more time at this stage because you need to go through it severally.

Proofreading and editing: It is a good idea to hire out this process. When you reach this stage, you will be so close to your work and won’t be able to notice minor errors and typos. A fresh set of eyes will help you find things you might have missed. If you cannot afford to hire a professional, consider asking a couple of smart friends of family to help you.

Publish Your Book: Your book is finally done and ready to be read by your audience. Find a trusted publishing platform online and you will be done within a short period of time.

The above steps show it is not hard to create your own book.