Health Benefits of Using a Spa

What is a spa? Two main definitions of a spa exist. The main one, is locations where people use water which is rich in minerals for treatment purposes. On the other hand researchers have come up with another definition. The second definition is the most common in our day to day lives. This is where thermos heat from water is used in a bath tub. For this to be achieved in a bath tub the water must be kept at a constant thermos temperatures. This makes spa equipment very important. If you’re like to purchase professional spa equipment go here. The water which delivers thermos temperature is warm water. With the three main effects of water, heat, buoyancy and the massage effect health benefits are obtained.

  1. The heat effect.

Warm water definitely emits some amount of heat. Blood vessels are located very close to the human skin pigment. After heat is transferred from the skin to the vessels, a stimuli is sent to the brain at once. The brain sends an impulse to the heart which leads to increased blood flow. Increased blood flow in vessels does not lead to an increase in blood pressure. Further the heat leads to the expansion of blood vessels. When blood vessels expand, blood pressure reduces. Thus there is increased blood flow and reduced blood pressure.

In diabetic patients a high blood pressure is known to cause high blood sugar levels. When blood sugars increase there is reduced blood flow in the body. Insulin has to be injected to reverse the processes above. Once a diabetic patient uses spa treatment, there is increased blood flow and reduced pressure. Thus they require a low intake of insulin injections. This is one of the major health benefits of using a spa.

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Secondly when the body experiences increased heat, blood is known to get rid of the heat. In this process vessels come closer to the skin for cooling purposes. The thermo heat from warm water in a spa is carried directly to the muscles. The heat helps maintain a constant internal body temperature.It leads to the relaxation of muscles.

  1. The buoyancy effect.

In our daily activities, our body muscles and joints support our body weight. Further we keep on moving which creates pressure on the muscles and joints. When one is in a spa they become buoyant in the water. The buoyancy is known to support over 85% of our total body weight. This gives the human muscles and joints a much needed break. During this time the muscles and joints release excess pressure. This also leads to reduced weight and pressure the muscles bear with.

Patients with arthritis, suffer from muscle crumps and rigid joints and muscles. In in a spa extra pressure on these muscles is released. This relaxes the muscles and keeps them moving. It has been found that spa reduce the impact of arthritis on humans.

  1. The massage effects.

When warm water is oozing out of the bathtub, it hits the human skin gently. The water also create ripples and bubbles. This creates a similar effect to body massage. Body massage has been used to ease back pains for ages. A spa delivers the massage effect effectively.

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